[PICT/ARTICLE TRANS] STAR1 MAGAZINE : B1A4 Jinyoung “Variety? I want to make a song in ‘My Little Television’s chat room’”

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[t/n: My Little Television is a variety show where celebrities are basically in their own room and create their own little television show while competing for viewers against the other celebrities who are doing their own thing in their own rooms]

B1A4’s Jinyoung has revealed his desire to appear in variety programs.

In an interview following a photo shoot for the October issue of @star1, Jinyoung said, “There is an entertainment program that I want to appear in.” When asked what, he revealed without hesitation, “MBC’s My Little Television.” In addition he added, “I want to make a song with the people who are in the chat room over a given time.” And with shining eyes explained, “I want to make a good song by combining my abilities and the feedback from the viewers in real time.” Continue reading