[TRANS] 160423 B1A4 (비원에이포) JINYOUNG & CNU FANCAFE Update

[I’m Jinyoung] Hello BANAs ^^

Our BANAs, have you been well??

I’ve missed you so much~

As I’m writing this message, to be honest I can’t believe it… it’s already been 5 years…

It means that long of a period has passed by.. back then I wasn’t even really aware of how the time was passing us by

But now, all of those events have made their place as a memory in my mind, so I can recognize which moments were happy, and which moments were sad. Continue reading


[LYRICS] 160321 Oh My Girl (오마이걸 ) – One step,two step (한 발짝 두 발짝)




ha ha ah ha ha ha ah ah
Around where are you walking around
ha ha ah ha ha ha ah ah
say you love me say you love me

The weather is so nice, imagine it
Holding hands with you, looking in your eyes
dduba dduba dduba dduba I do
dduba dduba dduba dduba I do Continue reading



In your new song ‘Happy Days’, self-composed by Jinyoung, the lyrics go “If you’re here, I’m happy everyday”. Can you talk about how you came about to choosing such a happy theme?

Jinyoung: I have a very positive personality, to the point that I feel happy from even the smallest things. I wrote this song hoping that those listening to it would feel the same way I do. Continue reading



Q. You’re releasing your new single Happy Days after a break of 10 months. What was your first impression of this song composed and written by leader Jinyoung?

CNU: As the title goes, I felt really happy.

Baro: We all felt the same when we first heard this song. I think everyone will understand when you listen to the song.

Q. It’s a positive song befitting B1A4. The lyrics goes “If you’re here, I’m happy everyday”. Reading the lyrics, it does sound like you’re talking about the relationship between yourselves and the fans.

Jinyoung: Yes you’re here. Whenever I write lyrics, I end up writing up as I think of the fans. I think it will be nice if the fans are able to put themselves into the lyrics. Continue reading

[PICT/ARTICLE TRANS] STAR1 MAGAZINE : B1A4 Jinyoung “Variety? I want to make a song in ‘My Little Television’s chat room’”

201509151551235510_1 201509151551235510_2

[t/n: My Little Television is a variety show where celebrities are basically in their own room and create their own little television show while competing for viewers against the other celebrities who are doing their own thing in their own rooms]

B1A4’s Jinyoung has revealed his desire to appear in variety programs.

In an interview following a photo shoot for the October issue of @star1, Jinyoung said, “There is an entertainment program that I want to appear in.” When asked what, he revealed without hesitation, “MBC’s My Little Television.” In addition he added, “I want to make a song with the people who are in the chat room over a given time.” And with shining eyes explained, “I want to make a good song by combining my abilities and the feedback from the viewers in real time.” Continue reading